How to edit my translations

In this article, you will find how to replace/edit automatic translations with manual translations. The majority of these methods are available in all our plans (Free or paid plans).

There are 5 different ways to add manual translations or to edit automatic translations:

  1. Translations List
  2. Visual Editor
  3. Glossary
  4. Professional Translations
  5. Assign translations to a Team Member

1) Translations List

a) Go to your Translations List

Please note that if you do not have any translations, you will need to visit your web pages in the translated language for Weglot to generate the translations.

Alternatively, you can synchronize your URLs. More info here: How can I manage my URLs and generate the translations?).

The synchronization of URLs can help you generate translations in several ways. However, be aware that your translations will appear in your Translation List after synchronizing your content. 

You can also directly access the translations for a URL in your Translation List by clicking on the eye icon next to the number of translations:

To generate translations for a specific language, from the URL page, click on "Sync content for this language," which is the circular arrow next to the "No translations found for this URL and language." message:

A message will then appear in the top right corner: "Please wait while we're syncing content...":

b) Select the language pair you would like to edit.

c) Edit your translation

You can edit your translation by clicking on it and selecting the column on the right-hand side. Any changes are automatically saved and displayed on your website; you'll see the message 'Saved.'

There are several tools to easily navigate within your list (see Search Filters - How to easily find a translation?):

  • Type (all, text, media, or meta) and quality (automatic, manual, or professional) filters
  • Search bar to search for specific translations
  • URLs on the left-hand side to easily find your translations
  • Creation date filter to sort your translations

When your edits are done, go to your website and refresh it; you should see your edited translations. If not, please check this article:  I edited the translations but my modifications are not displayed on my website

2) Visual Editor

You can go to the Weglot Dashboard > Visual editor to use it.

Click on "Start editing." Then, you'll be redirected to your website, with the ability to edit all your translations.  Note that you can navigate on your website and change the language directly from the visual editor. 

To edit a translation, click on the blue pencil. A box will pop out, and you will be able to change the translations.  Once done, you will read the following message: "Translation saved."

When your edits are done, you can go to your website and refresh it; you should see the translated content edited.

Don't hesitate to Hard-Refresh* your website's page and check back in an incognito window if you don't notice the changes.


Mac: cmd shift R (lowercase)

PC: ctrl F5

Using the Visual Editor, you have the possibility to reach specific pages with the URL bar on the top left of the screen:

Here's a video to show you how to use the Visual Editor:

3) The Glossary

From your Weglot Dashboard, you also have access to the Glossary rules. This can allow you never to translate or always translate some content.

More information about the glossary rules here: How I can create translation rules?

4) Professional Translations

Weglot allows you to order professional translations from vetted pro agencies. 

From your translations list, select strings/pages you'd like to order pro translations for. Then in 48-72 hours (it can be longer for large volumes), they'll be automatically integrated into your list and displayed on your websites. (see How to order professional translations?)

5) Assign translations to a Team Member

You can assign translations to your teammates or to any translators you have added to your Weglot project. The Team Members feature is available for the Pro plan and above.

From your Translation List, you can select the translations you'd like to assign. Then, at the bottom of the page, click on the three dots and select "Assign to":

A pop-up will appear, and you'll be able to choose which team member you wish to assign the translations to. (See How to assign translations to a team member?)

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