How to change a Media file (Image, PDF ...) in my translated version

In this article, you will find how to change any type of media (Image, .pdf, .docx, .rar, and youtube video) on your translated website.

Sometimes, you might need to display a different form of media (such as an image including texts) in the translated version. 

With Weglot, you can do that by adding the URL of the translated media in your translations.

1) Enable Media translation

  • Make sure the feature is turned on when you wish to have the media translated
  • Go to your Dashboard > Project Settings
  • Click on "Enable Media translation"

2) How to proceed?

  • Add the dedicated Media to be displayed in the translated version in your website admin Librairie (upload your media to your website admin) 
  • Go to your Translation list, use the Media filter, and find the media you choose to translate. Note that you can find it using the Search bar, pasting the URL of the original Media. 

3) Add the URL of the Media to be displayed in the translated version on the right

  • Refresh your website. The media is now displayed in your translated version. 
  • You're using Wordpress and it's not displayed? Clear your website cache and refresh.

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