How to order professional translations?

In this article, you will find how to order professional translation.

You can order human professional translations directly from your dashboard:
It takes around 48 hours (2 business days) for them to be delivered, depending on the ordered amount.

Step 1: choose what you want to professionally translate

1. Order professional translations for specific blocks

In your Translation List, you can select the language pair you would like to order professional translation. Then, you can select the translations by checking them on the left-hand side then click on the three dots in the blue banner > Add to professional order

2. Order professional translations for all the translations of one language pair

You can either access the professional order icon from your Translation List:

Or from the language pair selected:

Step 2: Go to the cart

  • Click on the icon (at the bottom right of the Translation List).

  • You can see the translation cost and proceed to payment.

Note that you can only order professional translations if you're a premium customer.
Get more  info: Pricing

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