Search Filters - How to easily find a translation?

In this article, you'll see how to apply filters into your Translation List in order to easily find a translation

Once you are on your Translation List,  there are different kinds of filters that you can use:

1. The "Type and "Quality" filters

When you select a language pair, you can see the filter button on the right side:

Using it, you'll be able to choose its type:

  • By selecting Text, your text translations will be displayed
  • By selecting Media, your medias URLs will be displayed
  • By selecting Meta (SEO), your meta descriptions, title, and image alt will be displayed:

You can also use the quality filter in order to only display your automatic, manual or professional translations

2. The Creation date sort

On the right side, you can see the "creation date" sorting, you can click on it:

Once you have selected the sort, you can also sort in Ascending or Descending order by clicking on the arrow.

Don't hesitate to check the details of your translations, you'll see the exact creation date:

Then you should see a side panel with different tabs, click on "Information":

3. The URL filter

You also have the possibility to filter your translation depending on the URLs:

When you select a specific URL, it will show you all the translations associated with that page

Please note that each translation is linked to one URL. If you have the same content displayed on several pages, it will be linked to the shortest URL

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