How to create labels for your translations?

In this article, you'll learn how to create labels for your translations to improve the translation management of your project(s).

You can now create labels for your translations. This is useful as it allows you to group your translations into several categories or to find them in your Translation List easily.

1. Go to your Translation List

To access the feature, go to your Weglot Dashboard > Translations and click on the language pair you want to edit.

Next to each translation, you will see a three-line button when you hover over the translation ("See details" button). 

Click on it to access the panel. 

2. Create a label

You will have access to different tabs. You can click on the "Information" tab to find the label feature.

There, you can enter the label you want by typing its name and hitting a comma or pressing Enter.

3. Edit or remove labels

By clicking in the "Labels" field, you will access the "Edit labels" window to edit or remove your labels easily.

Click on "Edit labels."

To edit a label, click on it and enter a new name, then press Enter or click the blue button.

You can also delete a label by clicking on the bin icon on the right of a label.

4. Find translations with the Label Filter

When you select a language pair, you can see the filter button on the right side ( Search Filters - How to easily find a translation?).

Using it, you can see the "Label" filter and select one or several labels to find and display the associated translations to edit them. 

You can also use the "Quality" filter or any other filter we propose to target your translations better.

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