Shopify - Troubleshooting - My website is not translated at all when I click on the language button.

In this article, you'll find how to understand why your website isn't translated at all.

  • Weglot is now setup, 
  • the country selector is displayed on your website (otherwise:
  • you tried to change the language, 
  • however your entire website is not translated at all (if partially translated:

 Follow this 2 steps check-up:

1. Too many calls error

You may have this error at the end of the source code of your website. 


Clean and disable your plugin's and browser's cache. Refresh your website, if it still not work, go to the next step.

2. Number of words

Check your total number of translated words under "Current Usage". If you see "Offline", you reached the limit of the total number of translated words for the Free plan.

That's why your website isn't translated. If you want to reactivate the service, you'll need to take one of our a Premium plans here. You can check the different plans here.

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