Shopify - Troubleshooting - My website is not translated at all when I click on the language button.

In this article, you'll find how to understand why your website isn't translated at all.

  • Weglot is now set up, 
  • the country selector is displayed on your website (otherwise you can see this article)
  • you tried to change the language, 
  • however, your entire website is not translated at all (if partially translated, you can see this article).

 Follow this 2 steps check-up:

1. Performance and Animation

- Go to   Online store > Customize > Themes settings > Performance and make sure that your performance setting is set to "Sport" instead of "Ludicrous"

- Go to  Online store > Customize > Themes settings > Animations and uncheck "Animate between pages" setting.

You can find more details about those settings in this article

2. Number of words

Check your total number of translated words, if you see the message "Quota exceeded", you reached the limit of the total number of translated words for your plan.

That's why your website isn't translated. If you want to reactivate the service, you have several options to make Weglot works again:

- Remove translations to try to go back under the translations limit ( see: How to definitely remove a translation?)

- Exclude some URLs or blocks from translation to try to go back under the translations limit ( see: How to exclude URLs/blocks/words from translation?)
(Don't forget to remove the translations regarding the URL you have excluded) 

- Upgrade your plan (see: Pricing Documentation)

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