Can I use Weglot on multiple websites?

In this article, you will find if you can use Weglot on several websites.

As you can see on the pricing page, you need the Multisite feature to use Weglot on several websites (One website = one domain name) 

With the Free, Starter, and Business Plans: You can only use Weglot on one website.

With the following premium plans:

  • Pro: You can use Weglot on several websites (maximum 3 websites)
  • Advanced: You can use Weglot on several websites (maximum 10 websites)
  • Extended: You can use Weglot on several websites (maximum 20 websites)
  • Enterprise: You can contact us on the page

Please note that the number of translated words included in each plan applies as a whole to all projects. This means that the number of words to be translated is split between all projects in the same account.

However, the limits of languages, team members, and features included in your plan apply to each project. For example, you can translate your project A into 2 languages and your project B into 5 languages independently.

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