Shopify - Integration / Setup

Let’s make your Shopify store multilingual

Installing the Weglot app from the Shopify App Store is pretty simple, but we’ve written out the steps you need to take for a seamless integration.

1. Find us on the Shopify App Store

Go to your admin dashboard and click on “Apps” > “Visit Shopify App Store.” Search for “Weglot”, and once you’ve found us, click on “Add app.”

2. Install Weglot

weglot shopify setup 2

3. Create your Weglot account via the app

All you need is an e-mail address and a password to start your 10-day free trial.

4.  Configure your languages

Once you’ve set up your Weglot account, you’ll be asked to enter the language your store is currently in, and the language(s) you’d like to translate it to.

5. You’ve gone multilingual!

Now that your store exists in all of your selected destination languages, you can see what it looks like by clicking “Visit your Store,” or start customizing your translations and/or the appearance of your language-switch button by clicking “Go to Weglot app settings.”

6. Add subdomains

The next stage is to add your subdomains for improved SEO, e.g. https://fr.mywebsite/. 

To do this you will need access to your domain name provider and the section or page where you can manage the DNS. 

Check out our tutorial videos from popular domain name providers to help you with this step.  

Create new CNAME entries with the ‘host’ as the 2 letter language code of the language you’ve added to your store, and then point it to 

Once you added and saved your entries return to your Weglot App settings in the Shopify dashboard and follow the simple setup instructions once you’ve clicked ‘Activate subdomains.’

7. Explore your Weglot configuration dashboard

Now that you’re a subscriber, you can access your Weglot account here and manage your Shopify translations.

To see all your content and start translating it, click on the “Edit my translations” button. If you don’t see your translations yet on the Weglot platform, please visit your store in the destination language to help Weglot detect all your content (And if you have any problems, feel free to e-mail us at – we’ll get back to you at top speed.).

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