Shopify - Edition - How to edit the Shopify checkout page translations?

In this article, you'll learn how the Shopify checkout page is handled by Weglot and how to edit the related translations

1. How does the Shopify checkout is translated?

Weglot won't detect checkout pages as they belong to another domain.

Indeed, knowing that Shopify itself hosts these pages, translations will be directly handled on its side.

In any circumstances, your checkout will be automatically translated into the related destination languages thanks to a mechanism we manage. 

Weglot indicates Shopify, the language chosen by the visitor to make Shopify display the same language.

For example, when accessing your checkout in your translated language(s), you should see a query at the end of your checkout URL:

⚠️ If your checkout is not translated at all, please make sure that you don't have any languages on your Shopify admin > Settings > Languages > Translated languages (even if they are unpublished)

2. How to edit the Shopify checkout content?

In order to manually edit the checkout page, you have two possibilities:

a. Edit the default theme content


b. Edit the code directly in the .json file

a. Edit the default theme content

First, you have to go to your Shopify admin > Sales channels > Online Store:

Then, click on the 3 dots option of your active theme and select "Edit default theme content":

Then select the tab named "Checkout & system":

You should now see all the content displayed on your checkout and be able to manually edit each field if you need

Now, in order to do that for your translated language(s), you need to temporarily change the default language of your store.

For example, if you'd like to edit the German checkout, you can click on "Settings" in the bottom left corner of your Shopify admin, then select "Languages" and change the default language of your theme to German (or to any language you'd like to edit):

Once you've selected the language, you are able to edit the translations in the Checkout & System tab in your destination languages.

⚠️ When you are done with the change, make sure to switch back your default language to what it was originally, and delete the language you just edited.

b. Edit the code (through the .json file)

To translate the checkout page with the Edit code mode, you have to visit your Shopify admin > Sales channels > Online Store:

Then, click on the 3 dots option of your active theme and select "Edit Code":

Then, you must open the Locales file (scroll down and you will find the Locales file): 

Finally, you'll have to select the .json file corresponding to the language you want to edit and edit the translations in it. You can directly edit the text in this file, but please be careful not to change the structure of the JSON file. 

Once done, save your edit and it's done.

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