Shopify - Translate your Shopify email notifications

In this 8 steps guide, you will see how to translate your email notifications on your Shopify website.

These instructions operate with order notifications but not the Gift Card Creation notification.

1. Open a Text Editor of your choice and copy the following code:

{% case attributes.lang %}   
{% when 'fr' %} 
{% when 'es' %}   
{% when 'pt' %}   
{% else %}  
{% endcase %}

This is only an example, so make sure you enter only the languages you want to translate the email into.  
Here is another example if you want to translate emails in German only:

{% case attributes.lang %}   
{% when 'de' %}   
{% else %}   
{% endcase %}

2. In your Shopify admin area, go to Settings -> Notification and open the email you want to translate, for instance, "Order Confirmation"

3. Copy the HTML email body

4. Go back to your text editor and replace the text "ENGLISH TEXT" with the code you copied (if English is your original language)

In my example, my original language is English so I replace "ENGLISH TEXT" by the code.

5. Then replace "FRENCH TEXT" with the same code, except that you changed the sentences into the translated one. Do the same for other languages like "SPANISH TEXT" and "PORTUGUESE TEXT"

For example, for French, you will change "Thank you for your purchase!" by "Merci pour votre achat !"

Make sure you only translate the sentences. You must not translate any liquid code in between {% %} or {{ }}

6. Once you have finished replacing every "... TEXT", replace your current Shopify HTML email notification with the content of your Text Editor:

7. Translate the subject of the email

You can do exactly the same thing for the subject of the email: In a text editor, copy and paste the code and replace "... TEXT" by the translation of the subject, like this for example:

Then paste this into the "Email subject" field:

8. Click the blue button "Save" on the top right

You're done! Your customer will receive the email in their language.

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