How can I edit my sitemap?

In this article, you'll see how Weglot is dealing with the SEO regarding the sitemap and the hreflang tags

With Weglot, you don't need to update your sitemap:

When it comes to multilingual SEO, Google gives 3 key guidelines to make sure translated pages are well indexed:

- have unique and dedicated URLs for each language, which Weglot auto provides and creates with sub-directories or subdomains (depending on your integration)
- warn Google about the existence of other versions of the page, using either:

  • a sitemap
  • or the hreflang tags in the source code

Weglot automatically adds the hreflang tags into your website source so editing your sitemap would be redundant.

Here's an example with sub-directories:

If you want to add the translated URLs to your sitemap anyway, feel free to check Google's recommendations about the sitemap with a multilingual system

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