How do I set up my DNS?

In this article, you will find how to set up your DNS in order to create your subdomains

You are trying to set up subdomain(s) for your translated pages and you have trouble setting up your DNS? No worries, it's easier than it looks

1. First of all, log in to your Weglot Dashboard

You should see this:

Here, you just need to enter the URL of your domain, your original language, and your translated language(s)
Then, click on "Next"

2. Add your DNS entry into your domain registrar

You should now see this step:

Into your domain registrar, you have to go on your domain settings and you have to setup DNS.
Your domain registrar should be where you're paying in order to manage your main domain (for instance >

You'll have to create the DNS record below (if French is your translated language)

host > fr
point to >

If you are using GoDaddy, Google Domains, or Namecheap, you can see how to do it on the videos below:
Godaddy -->>
Google Domains -->>
Namecheap -->>

Once this step is done, the red cross should become green after a few seconds or minutes:

Then, click on "Next"

if you have any trouble, you can contact us at and provide us access to your domain registrar, we can add the DNS entry for you

3. Wait for the subdomain(s) initialization

Here, Weglot is initializing your subdomain(s) and you just have to wait a little bit until you see the message "Domain ready":

Meanwhile, feel free to follow the instructions and to add the Javascript code snippet right before your </head> tag, it will display the language switcher on your website and also add hreflang tags to let Google know you have different versions of the same page and favor indexing of these pages (which is important for your SEO)

Once it's done, you can click on "Finish" and you're done! You can now visit the pages on your subdomain(s) in order to generate your translations

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