Shopify - How does Weglot manage the SEO?

In this article, you'll find how Weglot manages the SEO to make sure all the versions of your website will be indexed by Google.

Multilingual SEO best practices guidelines (as per Google here requires to include the following key aspects:

1. A unique URL for each version of your web page

Weglot automatically creates a "a/l/[2-letter code]" sub-directory for each translated version of your pages. Please note that your sub-directories won't be visible by you or your visitors but only by the bots.

E.g. Italian version of the webpage below: 
E.g. French version of the webpage below: 

2. Hreflang tags for Google indexing robots

Weglot automatically adds hreflang tags in your source code. These tags let Google know you have different versions of the same page and favor indexing of these pages. You can find these hreflang tags in the <head> tag of your website. Note that with this method, you don't need to edit your sitemap, even if you're already using an SEO app. 

3. Having content translated into the source code and not just dynamically (like with a JavaScript solution: Google does not see JavaScript) 

Weglot translated content on the server-side, meaning that your content is translated into your source code. 

4. Detecting and translating SEO tags

Weglot automatically does that, on server side again. 
E.g. Meta-description for the English version of the website
  E.g. Meta-description for the French version of the website:  

Weglot follows all the best practices of Google and therefore, with Weglot, all the translated pages will also be indexed and displayed to foreign visitors, without any additional work of the owner of the website.

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