How to remove unused translations?

This article will show you how to remove unused translated content from your Translation List.

Nothing is deleted in your Translation List unless you do it manually.
It means if you have words in your Translation list that you don't need, you have to remove them by yourself.

1. Some of my pages are no longer existing on my website.

When you've deleted some pages on your website, the translation  remains in your Translation List. You have to delete manually your old translations

  • Identify the relevant page URL.
  • Go to your Translation List.
  • Use the URL filter in the sidebar on your left.

For instance here, we want to delete all translations of "/hello-word" page because we removed it from our website. Click on the three dots button and select " Delete page translations".

2. I edited the content of my original language and I have new translations

Once you've edited your original content, new translation strings are created in your translation list.
Your old translations will remain in the translation list so you have to delete them manually if you don't need them anymore. 

There are two ways to search for your unused translations:

  • You can search for a specific word (or group of words) and sort by creation date. Then look the information about the strings to compare which one is the last seen on your website.  What kind of string information can I get?

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