What happens if I change the original content of my website?

In this article, you'll learn what happens when you change your website's original content and how Weglot handles these modifications.

You may need to update the original content on your site from time to time to keep it fresh and up to date.

It's important to know that changing the original content on your website will impact your Weglot translations.

1) How Weglot Works:

Here is precisely how Weglot works in the back end:

  1. It scans the original content of your website.
  2. It generates a translation of the content into a language chosen by the user.
  3. It stores these translations in your Weglot Dashboard > Project(s) > Languages
  4. It displays the translations on your website in the respective language subdirectories or subdomains instead of the original content.
  5. The final product is the translated content matching the original content.

2) Modification of the original content = new translation generated on Weglot

When Weglot translates your original content, it creates its equivalent in your selected language.

For example, your website has English as the original language and French as the translated language:

  •  English (original version) sentence: "I have one apple"
  •  French (translated version) sentence: "J'ai une pomme"

Then, you choose to change the original content of your website, for example:

From "I have one apple" to "I have two apples"

As "J'ai une pomme" isn't the translated version of "I have two apples", Weglot will consider "I have two apples" as a new string and will translate it to "J'ai deux pommes", which is the correct translation.

3. Consequences on your Translation List

Changing the original content of your website can also impact your Translation List.

As Weglot creates new translations each time you change your website's original content, the previous translations will also be found in your list. Weglot will prioritize the newly generated translations and show them on your site. 


If you have previously manually edited a translation and an edit has been done to the original content, you will not lose this manual translation. However, since the content has changed, the new automatic translation generated by Weglot will display instead of the manual one. If you'd like to keep the previous manual translation, you can find it in your Translations List and copy and paste it into the newly created translation.

These unused translations won't be automatically removed from your Translation List. You'll then have to manually remove them so they won't be part of your word count.

See these articles to check how to remove translations:

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- How can I remove inactive translations?

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