What happens if I change the original content of my website?

In this article, you'll find what happens if you change the original content of your website and how Weglot will handle those modifications.

Sometimes, it's possible that there are some contents on your website that aren't up to date anymore so you want to change it in order to update them. However, changing the original content on your website will have an influence on Weglot as well...

1. Weglot's global mechanism

Weglot's mechanism is working like that:

  1. It scans the original content of your website
  2. It generates its equivalent in the translated language selected by the user
  3. It stores these contents in your Translation List
  4. It displays these contents on your website instead of the original content
  5. So... the original content and the translated content match together

2. Modification of the original content = new strings for Weglot

As I said previously, when Weglot translates your original content, it creates its equivalent in your selected language.

For example, your website has English as original language and French as translated language:

  •  English (original version) sentence: "I have one apple"
  •  French (translated version) sentence: "J'ai une pomme"

Then, you choose to change an original content of your website, for example:

From "I have one apple" to "I have two apples"

As "J'ai une pomme" isn't the translated version of "I have one apple", Weglot will consider "I have two apples" as a new string and will translate it to "J'ai deux pommes", which is the correct translation.

3. Consequences on your Translation List

Therefore, changing the original content of your website can also impact your Translation List.

Indeed, as Weglot is creating new translations each time you change the original content of your website, the previous translations will become unused.

However, these unused translations won't be automatically removed from your Translation List, so you'll have to remove them manually by yourself from there so that they won't be counted in your word count for nothing.

See these articles to check how to remove translations: https://support.weglot.com/article/187-how-to-remove-unused-translationshttps://support.weglot.com/article/144-how-to-definitely-remove-a-translation

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