Search Filters - How to use the creation date filter?

In this article, you'll learn how to filter your translations in your Translations List depending on the date they've been created.

The creation date filter lets you sort your translations depending on the date they have been created. 
This date is not the one related to the moment when you added your content to your website, but the moment Weglot generated the translation: It concerns the moment when it was uploaded to your Weglot account for the first time.

Translations are created and added to your project Translation List on the first visit to your page in the translated version.

Where is the 'Creation date' filter located?

You'll be able to choose the order you want.

  • By selecting the arrow facing up, your translations will be sorted from the oldest creation date to the earliest creation date: 

  • By selecting the arrow facing down, your translations will be sorted from the earliest creation date to the oldest creation date:

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