How to add/remove a whole language?

In this article, you will find how to add a translated language to your website and remove it from there.

Using Weglot, you can directly add/remove a whole language in just a few clicks.

1. How to add a new language

1) The first step to adding a new language to your website is to go to your Weglot Dashboard and, in the Project tab, select the Translations > Languages section.

2) Then, select the "Add languages" button:

3) Here, you can select a language within the languages available with Weglot and then click on "Add language":

4) If you want to use a language that is not on the list of available languages, click on the "Not in the list? Create a local variation of a language (like British English or Mexican) or a complete custom language." option. Here, you can create a custom language:

If you want to know more about how to create a custom language, please see this article we made.

2. How to remove a whole language

1) Head over to your Weglot Dashboard in your Project tab and select the Translations > Languages section

2) You will see all your available language pairs

You can select the language and click on the trash bin to delete it.

3) You will receive the following prompt to validate the deletion

Click on "Delete."

4) It’s done!

You will see the language removed from your language pairs.

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