How can I create a custom language?

In this article, you will see how to create a custom language such as UK English or US English, for example.

At the moment, it's only possible to create a custom language if you're managing an Advanced plan or higher (see the pricing documentation)

If you manage an Advanced plan (or higher), you can create a custom language by following the steps below:

1. Add a new language

First, you can go into your Weglot Dashboard > Translations > and then click on "Add language":

2. Create the custom language

You should see a pop-up asking for more information about the language, you can click on " Not in the list? Create a customized language (beta)":

3. Setup your custom language

Here, you'll have to enter all the information regarding your custom language:

  • The name that will appear on your language switcher (for example, Canadian French)
  • The language code that will appear in your URLs and your hreflang tags (for example, fr_ca)
  • The language that will be used to generate automatic translation. If you don't select any language, the translations will be displayed in your original language (you'll be able to edit them as well manually)
  • The flag that will appear in the language switcher for this language. You can either choose an existing flag in the list or import your own flag image (by clicking on "Or upload your flag")

Once it's done, you can click on " Add a custom language":

Don't hesitate to take a look at the templates present and see if one of them suits your needs

It's done! You should now see your new language appears on your Translations list.

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