Can I translate my URLs?

In this article, you'll find out if it is possible to translate your URLs.

At the moment, it's only possible to translate your URLs if you meet these two conditions:

  • You're subscribed to a Pro plan or higher (see the pricing documentation)
  • You're using the Weglot server-side integration, such as subdomains, subdirectories, or you have a WordPress website

If that's the case, you can then translate your URLs by following the steps below:

First, go into your Weglot Dashboard > Projects > Select a project > URL slugs:

As you can see, the original slugs are on the left column. You can translate them directly on the right column:

You also can generate an automatic translation by clicking on "Auto translate" on the right side of each line:

What's more, you can select several slugs that you want to "Auto translate" or delete by choosing their original name on the left and opting for the action below:

Please note that if you don't want to translate a specific slug, you can leave the field blank. In this case, Weglot will use the original slug.

Finally, if you are adding new URLs to your website, they won't be automatically added. You'll have to visit them in your translated language(s) and click on the link that says "Missing a slug? Sync with your known URLs" at the bottom of the page to synchronize your URLs with Weglot:

If it still is not working, clear your browser cache and try the steps above once more in incognito mode.

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