Shopify - Can I use subdomains for each language?

In this article, you'll learn if you can use subdomains for each version of your Shopify website.

Please note: It is not necessary to have the Weglot App for the Shopify subdomain integration, so if you have the App installed, you can delete it into your Shopify admin > App.

1) Create your Weglot account by entering an email and password.

You can create a Weglot account on the following page

2) Create your first project

Enter the name of your project (you can use the name of your website, for example) and choose the Shopify Website technology:

3) Weglot integration

By default, Weglot will propose our JavaScript integration. You will need to click on the "Use subdomain integration" link below in the note:

4) Configure your subdomains

a. In this step, you will connect Weglot to your website using your DNS records. First, you'll have to enter your domain URL, your original language, and your translated language(s). You'll also need to choose "Subdomains" as URL type.

b. Then you'll have to add your entries :

You'll have one record to add in your DNS settings per translated language.

(Please note that it is an example; you may have different entries to add)

If your domain name is managed by Shopify, you can follow this Shopify tutorial

If your domain name is managed via a third-party provider (like GoDaddy, 1&1, Google Domains, etc…), access the DNS settings on your Domain Name provider and add your entries there. You can also contact us at if you need further help.

When your entries are done, click “Check DNS”. You should see a green checkmark indicating that the DNS has successfully been configured. Click “Next”.

Please note that the process could take several minutes.

5) [Important] Add the JS code to your theme.liquid file

Adding the JS code into your theme.liquid file will display a language switcher on your website, so your visitors will just have to select the language to switch between your subdomains.

This will also add your hreflang tags to improve the SEO of your translated pages and the way they will be indexed.

You can find your JS directly in your Weglot Dashboard > Your project > Setup settings, and it should look like this:

Finally, you can find your theme.liquid file into your Shopify admin > Online Store > Theme > Actions > Edit code > Then select your theme.liquid file and paste your JS code right before the closing head tag and click on the Save button.

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