How can I manage my project(s)?

In this article, you will learn how to manage your project(s).

1. How many projects can I have when using Weglot?

It all depends on which Weglot plan you're currently on:

  • Free, Starter, or Business plans: You can have 1 project on your Weglot account
  • Pro plan: You can have 3 different projects on your Weglot account
  • Advanced plan: You can have 10 different projects on your Weglot account
  • Extended plan: You can have 20 different projects on your Weglot account
  • Enterprise plan: Contact us here:

2. Where can I add projects?

From your Weglot Dashboard, you'll see the list of your projects by clicking on "Projects". Then, you'll see a "Create project" button at the top-right of the page:

From this page, you can also select the project you want to work on:

3. What are the specific settings of a project?

You can find the different project settings detailed below on your Weglot Dashboard > Projects, then click on the project you want to work on. You can now access all your project's settings:

a. Name and website URL

Give a name to your project to easily navigate between your different projects.

NOTE: To get the Visual Editor working properly, please make sure to add the correct website URL in the settings.

These settings are available in your General Settings:

b. API Key

A separate, unique API Key is created for each project. You can find yours in your Setup Settings:

c. Project members

You can add members to your project with different levels of permission in your Project Members Settings (See our documentation on the subject: How to add members to my project?):

You can also transfer a project from one organization to another in your General Settings. To do this, click on the Transfer Project icon (top right of the screen):

4. Delete a project

You can delete a project for a website that is no longer in use.

You'll see the "bin" icon to remove a project from your General Settings (see below).

Warning: If you delete the project, you will lose all the translations associated with the project as well.

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