How can I transfer the ownership of a project?

In this article, you'll see how to transfer the ownership of a Weglot project to someone else.

It's indeed possible to transfer the ownership of a project to one of your team members.
In order to do that, you'll have to manage the team member feature which is available by managing a Pro plan or higher (see our pricing documentation).

⚠️ If the user that will become the owner of the project doesn't have an account yet, please note that he'll have to create an account and subscribe to a plan with relevant limits to be able to receive the project.

First of all, you can go into your Weglot Dashboard > Settings > Team

You should see the option to add some team members and right below, the option that allows you to transfer the ownership to one of them:

Then, you just have to select a team member and click on Transfer

Important information:

Please note that:

a. Only the current owner of the project is able to transfer the ownership.
b. The account that will receive the project has to be able to manage the project's limits, for example, the number of translated words and the number of languages.

It means that if your project has 10.000 translated words and 3 languages, your team member would need to upgrade to a Business plan to be able to manage it.

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