Why do I get the "No translations found" message?

In this article, you'll find how to troubleshoot the pop-up "No translation found" on the Visual Editor.

If you see the error message  "No translations were found" on the Visual Editor, it means that Weglot hasn't detected nor translated the content you are trying to edit. 

To solve that issue, you have to:

1) Locate the URL related to content you want to translate 

Go to your website and visit the page including the content you're trying to edit in one of your translated languages (clicking on the flags or language name).

2) Visit the page in the translated version

3) Your translation should be generated in the VE and in your translations list

If you can't see the corresponding translation in your translation list, please check this article:

Shopify - Troubleshooting - My website is not fully translated, but only some parts

WordPress - Troubleshooting - Why is my website not fully translated, but only some parts?

4) the Visual Editor will display the translation and you'll be able to edit it.

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