Shopify - Troubleshooting - My website is not fully translated, but only some parts

In this article, you'll find the reasons why your website is not fully translated.

You selected a language with Weglot button and you noticed that some parts of your content were not translated. Here are 4 potential reasons that might cause this and the related solution:

1. Number of words

Check your number of translated words in your  Weglot dashboard under "Current Usage". 

If you see "Quota Exceeded", it means you reached the limit of the total translated words within your current Weglot plan.

To make sure all your website content is translated, you can upgrade to the next plan, going to your Weglot account clicking on change plan and select the next Weglot plan as well as your billing frequency. 

2. Excluded content

Check if you already excluded the untranslated part directly in the Weglot settings in your Shopify Dashboard > Apps > Weglot Translate > Exclude Block section.

If you excluded that part, remove the corresponding block, click on "Save" and refresh your website.

3. Exception rules

Check if you have an exception rule that could apply to the untranslated part directly in your  Weglot translations rules

If it's the case, remove this rule and refresh your website.

4. Javascript content

Check if the untranslated content is generated by JavaScript. In this case, it's not yet supported by Weglot. 

This is often the case for dynamic content, previews of products or blog posts. Go here to know if your content is generated by Javascript.

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