Umbraco Integration/Setup

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a multilingual Umbraco website with Weglot.

1) Create a Weglot account

Your Weglot account is where you’ll manage and edit your translations.

2) Select “Other” as your “Website Technology”

In your Weglot Dashboard, give your project a name and select “other” as your website technology.

3) Select the “JavaScript Integration”

On the Weglot setup page, click on “Use Javascript integration”, as shown below.

4) Add your new languages

Next, enter the original language of your website + the new language(s) you want to translate and display your site into.

5) Copy and paste the code

The next step is to add the code visible on your screen into your Umbraco website. Paste the snippet in Settings > Templating > Partial Views > seo.cshtml.

You're done, the website is now translated!

Your Umbraco website is now translated. Go to your site to see your language switcher and change the languages in order to generate the translations.

If you want to make edits to your translations you can do so in your Weglot Dashboard, under the "Translations" tab. (see How to edit my translations)

6) If you experience issues with your Translation

Please have a look at our Help Center article about How to Translate Dynamic Content.

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