How to switch from a staging to a live environment?

In this article, you'll see how to switch from a staging environment to a live one, what is the easiest way to proceed

1. I have a temporary URL that will change later
2. I'm already managing 2 different websites
3. Additional information

First of all, your translations are directly linked to the API key of your Weglot project, and not to the domain of your website or its status (live or staging)

1. I have a temporary URL that will change later

If you've set up Weglot on a staging website with a temporary URL and plan to change this URL later to manage your own domain, you basically have nothing to do as Weglot will still be working and it will not affect your translations or your settings.

We just recommend you edit the URL of your website on the Setting page and save the changes to avoid any issues with the Visual editor:

2. I'm already managing 2 different websites

If your staging and your live website are 2 different URLs and if the content on both of them is identical, you can either:

a. Manage each website on the same project by setting up Weglot on both the staging and the live environment using the same API key
In this case, you'll share the same translated languages and the same settings on both websites

b. Manage each website on a different Weglot project by following the 2nd part of this guide: How can I manage my project(s)?
This is recommended, especially if:

  • Your content is not identical on both websites
  • You'd like to manage different languages/settings on each website
  • You are using a subdomain integration (see part 3 below)

3. Additional information

If you are managing or if you plan to manage a subdomain integration, you'll have to create one project per website/domain. Otherwise, it could create some conflicts with your translations and your translated version(s)
To check which integration you currently have, feel free to check out this article

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