How can I translate a product feed?

In this article, you'll learn what kind of product feed Weglot can translate, how to do it, and how to edit the related translations manually.

1. How can I translate a product feed?

2. How can I manually edit the related translations

3. Additional information

Weglot can translate XML files such as Google Shopping Feeds and DataFeedWatch product feeds. (You can find more information about DataFeedWatch here).

1. How can I translate a product feed?

No worries. The steps below may look complicated, but they're easier than expected as you have to copy-paste some elements.

First, you'll need the XML URL of your feed, for example:

To link Weglot to your feed and translate it from English to German (for example), you'll need to follow the steps below:

- Between "HTTPS://" and "/feeds", add "" + "Your API Key without wg_" + "the language_from code" + "the language_to code"

Here's a step-by-step example:

Original feed:

a. First, let's add "" as mentioned above; the new URL will be:

b. Then, you can add your API key without "wg_" the new URL will be, for example:

⚠️ For this step, please note that you'll have to use your API key. It will not be working with the API key present in this article.

Also, if you are using WordPress, you'll need to contact us at so we can provide you with the correct API key (it's not the same as the one present in the Weglot plugin settings).

c. Then, you can add your original language and translated language shortcodes:

You can use the shortcodes present on this page depending on the languages you are managing.

Finally, you should have a URL like this:

Now, if you visit this URL, Weglot will automatically translate the content of the feed and add the translations to your Weglot Dashboard > Languages > Translations list

2. How can I manually edit the related translations

As mentioned above, visiting the URL of the translated feed will automatically generate the associated translations and add them to your Weglot Dashboard > Languages > Translations list so you can manually edit them if needed.

To find those translations, you can use the different filters (such as the URL filter) mentioned in this article: Search Filters - How to easily find a translation?

Note that if you modify the original file, you'll just have to visit the translated URL in order to update the translations.

3. Additional information

Weglot is translating some specific XML keys by default; if you notice some untranslated elements, it may require some adjustments, so feel free to contact us at

If the file takes some time to open, it could be due to the weight of the original one. In this case, you can try to divide it into several files and follow the process above.

Finally, make sure that the first line of your original file contains the type declaration and the encoding, for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
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