Shopify - The language switcher disappears when I navigate to another page.

In this article, you’ll learn what to do when your language switcher disappears while navigating to another page.

1. Check the button location.

The language switcher must be placed in a common HTML block across all your website's pages.

For instance, some elements are only present on the home page, not the other website's pages. In such circumstances, we recommend that you carefully look over the current location of the language switcher and consider repositioning it in a more stable section that is uniformly present throughout the site.

2. Page transition issues.

This behavior may also be due to some settings in your theme; please make sure you have the following settings:

  • Performance settings are set to "Sport" and not "Ludicrous".
  • The "Animation between pages" parameter should be disabled.

Steps to achieve this are outlined in this documentation: Shopify - Translations are not displayed when I switch the language.

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