Shopify - Can I use my search bar in translated languages ?

In this article, you will find how to enable the search in your translated versions.

Weglot translates the search bars using the submit method (by clicking on Enter or a button to search).

First of all, you will have to enable the "Translate Search" feature into your  Weglot Dashboard > Settings > Shopify Settings:

For your information, the Search feature actually works as a "Translate Back" so the default search system (in the original language) always takes care of the Search feature.

You can notice that the feature works when you have, into your Translation List, translations from your translated language to your original one:

For instance, you manage a site in English with a French translation.
If the original content is " Hello", Weglot generates the translation "Bonjour" for the French translation.
By searching for the word " Bonjour" for example, Weglot will translate the word "Bonjour" from French to English.
There will, therefore, be into the Translation List, a language pair FR > EN to translate back the word of the search (in addition to the language pair EN > FR)

NB: Weglot's "translate back" must match the original word!
For example, by searching for the word "Hello", Weglot could create a translation " Hi" and not "Hello".
The search would therefore not be able to match the " Hello" with the "Bonjour".
In this case, by editing the translation of " Hi" by "Hello", the search system would work.

Finally, once the feature enabled, if the translation doesn't seem to work as you want, don't hesitate to integrate "Instant Search+" or "Searchanise" as they are our partners and are professional of the search features.

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