Shopify - Edition - How to edit the translations from the Shopify Checkout page?

In this article, you'll find how the checkout page is handled by Weglot.

The Checkout pages won't be detected by Weglot as they belong to another domain, it's managed and handled by Shopify. The translations are directly monitored by Shopify (for a certain number of supported languages, defined by Shopify). 

However, if a visitor selects a language while visiting your website and then goes to the checkout page, the selected language will be remembered and the checkout will appear in this language (assuming the language is supported by Shopify), even if it's not Weglot anymore.

Weglot indicates Shopify the language chosen by the visitor to make Shopify display the same language.

If the translations from Shopify aren't accurate, you must contact them about this matter as they manage these translations.

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