How to edit my translations?

In this article, you will find how to replace/edit automatic translations with manual translations. You can do that in all our plans, Free or Premium.

There are 4 different ways to add manual translations or to edit automatic translations. 

1. Translations List

Go to the Translations List in your Weglot dashboard.
Please not that if you do not have any translations, you would need to visit your web pages in the translated language to synchronize with Weglot.

You can edit/change/add translations by clicking on it. Any changes is automatically saved and displayed on your website, you'll see a message "translation saved".

There are several tools to easily navigate within your list:

  • Filter criteria at the top left: by language and by type of translations
  • The search bar at the top: type any content of your website you're looking for
  • The content type between the search bar and your list: to view Text, Media or SEO tags
  • URL navigation at the left of your list: to see specific content of a page

When your edits are done, go to your website, refresh it, you should see your edited translations. If not, please check this article:  I edited the translations but my modifications are not displayed on my website

2. Visual Editor

Go to the  Visual editor in your Weglot dashboard.

Click on "Start Editing". Then, you'll be redirected on your website, with the ability to edit all your translations. 
Note that you can navigate in your website and change the language directly from the visual editor. 

To edit a translation, click on the green pencil. A box will pop out and you will be able to change the translations. 
Once done, you will read the following message "Translation saved".

When your edits are done, go to your website, refresh it, you should see the translated content edited.

3. Translations Tools

From your Weglot  dashboard, you also have access to Translation tools:

  • Search and replace: search within your translations (not the orignal language) words/sentences to be replaced by another specific words/sentences. This will apply to all your existing translations and not to your future translations 
  • Apply never translate or always translate rules: set rules to always/never translate an original content in a specific way in the destination language

4. Professional Translations

Weglot allows you to order professional translations from vetted pro agencies. 

From your translations list, select strings/pages you'd like to order pro translations for. 48-72 hours later they'll be automatically integrated in your list and displayed on your websites.

Price starts at 0,08€/words (depending on languages).

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