Shopify - How to translate dynamic content?

In this article, you'll find how to detect and translate the Javascript content in your website.

1. How can I know if my website is Javascript-generated?

First, go to your website, right click wherever in the page, then choose: "View page source"

You're now on the source code of your website. You can search for the content you suspect its generation.

If you see black characters between <script> tag (cf. screenshot below), this part is generated by Javascript.

b. Note that if the text is not present in your source code, it is probably generated by Javascript. 

2. How can I translate this dynamic content?

Go to your Shopify Dashboard > Apps > Weglot Translate and scroll down the left menu:

  1. Add the dynamic content (related) .class or #id you want to translate in the dedicated field.
  2. Save your changes.

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