WordPress - Design - How can I change the Weglot button position?

In this article, you'll find how to move the Weglot button on your website.

By default, the Weglot button will appear at the bottom right of your website. There are 2 options to move your button.

1. Add the Weglot button to your menu

You can place the button in a menu area.

Go to Appearance > Menus. Select the menu where you would like the Weglot Language Switcher to be placed. Select 'Weglot Switcher' on your left, check the checkbox, then add it to the menu. Now you can drag and drop the switcher to change the order of the items in the menu

Click on "Save Changes" and refresh your website. The Weglot switcher is now on your main menu.

2. Add the Weglot button in a widget area

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

These widget areas depend on the theme you're using. This is the author of the theme who sets these areas.

Refresh your website, you'll see that the Weglot switcher is now in the selected widget area.

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