How can I manage Weglot mail notifications?

In this article, you will learn what kind of notifications are available in your Weglot account and how to manage them.

1. Where can I manage my workspace notifications?

You can find your workspace notifications directly on your Weglot Dashboard.

You need to click on your profile icon in the top-right and choose the "Profile" option:

Then, you will see the "Notifications" section, there you will have the possibility to activate or deactivate different types of notifications:

2. What kind of notifications can I get?

You can have several kinds of notifications.

  • The News & feature updates, which provide market news and different announcements about Weglot and product updates.
  • The Onboarding, which are notifications that you have during the first days you use Weglot, to help you better understand how to make the best use of it for your website(s).
  • The Workspaces & Projects, to have information about your workspaces and projects.

    Once you activate these notifications, a section is displayed, allowing you to choose for which workspace(s) you want notifications.

    Be aware that if you are invited as a "Guest" in a workspace, you cannot receive notifications about it.

  • Workspace usage notifications are notifications about your workspace, such as when you reach your word limit or your translation requests limit.
  • The Activity digest notifications also concern your workspace but are more general data about its usage. These notifications indicate how many new translations have been generated, how many translations have been edited, and how many translation requests have been made since the last update you had.
  • This means that if there wasn't any activity, you won't receive activity digest notifications.
  • You can choose the rhythm of these notifications. It can either be « Weekly», « Monthly», « Never», or « Daily». If you choose "Weekly" (the default value), you will receive a notification every Monday.

    If you choose "Monthly", it will be on the 1st of every month.

    We send only one mail per user daily, so the data about different workspaces is grouped in one notification.

3. How to manage billing notification receivers?

Billing notifications are sent to the organization's owner but can also be sent to other email addresses, even if they are not linked to a Weglot account.

To add a new email address as a receiver, you can:

  • Go to your Weglot Dashboard
  • If you have several organizations, select the one concerned
  • Go to the "Billing" tab
  • Select "Card & Invoices"
  • Fill in the "CC Email Recipient" section
  • Click on "Save changes"

Please note that if you want to add several email addresses, you can separate them using a comma.

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