toddle - Integration / Setup

Let’s make your toddle website multilingual

Translate all your content and make your toddle website multilingual within minutes.

1) Create an account on Weglot

You can manage and view all your translations through this account. Create your Weglot account here

2) Select “Other” as your “Website Technology”

If you are integrating Weglot with JavaScript, and your website technology is not listed, choose “Other” as your “Website Technology.”

3) Choose the “JavaScript Integration” option

You should receive a validation email in the account with which you signed up.

After validating your email, you will be redirected to the Weglot setup page, as shown below. Scroll down to the end of the form and click on “Use JavaScript integration.”

4) Add your new languages

You’ll then be prompted to enter the original language of your website and the new language(s) you want to translate and display your site in.

Click “Next”.

5) Copy the API key.

6) Add Weglot to your toddle website

  • Create a new branch and go in the editor
  • On the left hand-side, client on the Files icon

  • Click on the page you want to modify, here it’s HomePage

  • On the right hand-side, click on the page url, here it’s /

  • Click on Head AssetsAdd external resource

  • Type : script & Content : Empty
  • Attribute : src & Content : → insert your Weglot api_key

Click Done , you can now test or deploy your site that will now have the Weglot language switcher

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