BigCommerce - Integration / Setup

Translate your BigCommerce website!

This is a step-by-step guide to help you integrate Weglot into your BigCommerce website and make it multilingual.


This integration method requires accessing the DNS records of your website domain, so you will need to have purchased your own domain name already. If you haven’t yet bought a domain name, don’t choose this integration method. 

1) Create a Weglot account

This is where you will get all translations and where you will be able to manage the translations. Simply create your Weglot account here.


2) Choose languages

After you validate the email, you will arrive on the Weglot setup page. Enter your website URL (remember—you must enter your own domain name, like

Then, select the original language of your website (the language in which you originally created your website) and the languages you want to translate into. 

In the example below, the website’s original language is English, and it will be translated into French.

Click “Next”.


3) Enter your DNS

Enter the DNS records that are shown to you in your DNS Record Zone. Depending on where you bought the domain, these records will be accessible to you at one of two possible locations.

  • If you bought your domain name directly via BigCommerce, you’ll find your DNS records in Server Settings > Email & DNS Records.
  • If you bought your domain name from an external provider (these include sites like GoDaddy, 1&1, Gandhi, etc.), your DNS records will be located in your dashboard on this provider’s website.

If you need any help finding or updating your DNS records, you can send us an email at Just provide us with your BigCommerce admin access codes, and we will do the whole thing for you!


4) Validate DNS

After you enter the DNS, click “Check DNS.” After a few minutes, you should see a green check mark appear at the right of the page. If this doesn’t show up, it means you haven’t entered the DNS records properly, and you’ll have to try again. 

Once all your DNS entries are accompanied by this green check mark, click “Next”


5) Copy/Paste the JavaScript snippet

Now your subdomains are being set up, which can take several minutes. In the meantime, you will need to add the Weglot Javascript library to your website’s code. Copy the Javascript code snippet that is shown to you on your Weglot account (it should look like the one in the screenshot below).


In your BigCommerce admin space, go to Storefront > Script Manager and click “Create Script”. 

Enter whatever name and the description you want, and fill up the remaining fields as follows:

  • “Location on Page” = “Head”
  • “Select pages where script will be added” = “All pages”
  • “Script type” = “Script”
  • “Script Content” = Here, you paste the code snippet from your Weglot account.

Finally, click “Save”.

weglot bigcommerce setup 3

6) Finished!

It’s all done. Now go on your website and refresh the page; you should see the language-switcher button appear on the bottom right. 

weglot bigcommerce setup example

Try changing language, you should see the automatic translations on your website!

7) Optional - Edit your translations

You will find all your translations in your Weglot account, under “Translations”.

There, you can modify all your translations


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