Shopware - Integration / Setup

Translate your Shopware store with Weglot

This setup guide describes how to translate your Shopware store with Weglot. 

Step 1: Create your Weglot account (~ 1 minute)

This account will be the place where you have all your translations and where you will manage them. Simply create a Weglot account here.

Step 2: Select your website technology

Select your website technology. In this case, select “Other”.

Step 3: Choose languages

After validating your email, you will arrive on the setup page of Weglot. Enter your website URL (You must enter your own domain name, like not a URL generated by Shopware.

Then, specify the original language of your website (the language in which your website is originally created) and the languages you want to translate it into.

In the example below:

  • the domain is:
  • the original language is: English
  • the translated language is: French

Click “Next” to go to the next step.

Step 4: Enter your new DNS entries

In this step, you will add new DNS entries to your DNS record.

If you bought your domain name via your CMS platform, then you should be able to add new entries (CNAME / Aliases) to your DNS records directly inside your CMS admin.

Otherwise, if you bought your domain on an external provider (like GoDaddy, 1&1, Gandhi, etc…), you can add the new entries (CNAME / Aliases) directly in this external provider account. If you are not sure how to do it or where it is, we can help you. Just email us at

Step 5: Validate the DNS entries

After adding and saving your entries, go back to your Weglot account tab, and click “Check DNS”. If everything goes well, you should see green check icons. It means the DNS entries were successfully configured. Then, click on “Next”.

Step 6: Copy/Paste the JavaScript snippet

Now that your subdomains are being set up, it can take several minutes. In the meantime, simply copy the JavaScript code snippet presented to you.

If you use a CMS, find the option to add a JavaScript snippet in the <head> section of your HTML pages (usually in the CMS settings).

Otherwise, simply paste the JavaScript snippet on all your website HTML pages just before the </head> tag.

Step 7: It’s done!

Go to your website, and you should see the language button at the bottom right. It might take a few minutes to make sure the subdomains are properly set up and for the language switcher to appear (thanks to the JavaScript snippet). 

Try changing the language when the language switcher appears, you should see your translated website!

Step 8: Start editing your translations

You can now review and manually edit your translations in your Weglot account.

Log in to your Weglot account and then go to “ Translations” to find all your translations and edit them.

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