Salesforce - Integration / Setup

Translate your Salesforce website

Translate all your content and make your Salesforce website multilingual within minutes.

1) Create a Weglot account 

This is where you’ll manage your website translations and other custom features depending on your needs. Create an account.

After signing up you’ll receive a validation email that will take you to the Weglot Dashboard and the setup page. Give your project a name and select Salesforce from the ‘Website technology’ dropdown. 

2) Add your new languages 

You’ll then be prompted to enter the original language of your website + the new language(s) you want to translate and display your site into. Click ‘Next’.

3) Copy and paste the code shown on your screen

Copy the code now shown on your screen - replacing “YOUR_API_KEY” with the one found in your Weglot setting. 

Go to your Salesforce account, ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced’ and ‘Edit Head Markup’, and paste the Javascript code here. 

Click save and close. 

Contact us at if you have any problems with this step. 

And that’s it! 

You’ve now translated your Salesforce site. If you’d like to edit your translations before you go live simply switch off ‘make public’ in your translations list to set your translation quality. 

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