WooCommerce - Integration / Setup

Translate your WooCommerce website

Below is a step-by-step guide to integrate Weglot into your WooCommerce website. If you don’t have a Weglot API key yet, you need to sign up first.

1) Go to your website admin dashboard and click on “Plugins,” then “Add new”

2) Search for “Weglot”

3) Find the Weglot plugin and click on “Install Now”

4) Once installed, click on the “Activate” button

5) Once installed and activated properly, go to the “Weglot” Tab

6) To finalize your installation, add your Weglot API key, your original language, and your destination languages.

To get your API Key, log in to your Weglot account (or create one).

The “original language” is the language in which you created your site; the “Destination languages” are the languages into which you’d like to translate it.

Do more with the Weglot Translate plugin

You can find more resources about what you can do with the WordPress plugin in our developer space.

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