PrestaShop - Integration / Setup

Translate your PrestaShop website.

Translate all your content and make your PrestaShop store multilingual within minutes.

Step 1: Create a Weglot account

This is where you can see and manage all your translations. Create your account here.

Step 2: Choose the desired language(s) and enter your domain URL

After validating your email, you'll arrive at the Weglot setup page. You'll need to enter your domain URL.

If you already have your own domain, enter your website URL (You must enter your own domain name, like ""—not a temporary or localhost URL).

If you don't have your own domain but a temporary or localhost URL, then you can click on the "Use Javascript integration" link at the bottom of the form (see the screenshot below).

You can activate the subdomain or subdirectory integration later once you have your own domain.

Then, specify your website's original language (the language you created it in) and the translated language(s) you want to translate it into.

In the above example:

  • the domain is:
  • the original language is English
  • the translated languages are French, German, and Spanish
  • the chosen integration is "Subdomains" (meaning the translated websites will be on,, and

Click "Next" to go to the next step.

Step 3: Configure the subdomains/subdirectories in your DNS records (if you have your own domain)

If you choose the JavaScript integration, you can skip this step.

In this step, you'll add new DNS entries to your DNS record.

(Please note that it is an example; you may have different entries to add)

If you chose the subdomain-based integration, you'd need to enter a CNAME entry for each translated language (in this example, there are 3 CNAME entries needed for the "fr," "de," and "es" subdomains).

If you chose the subdirectory-based integration, you must enter/edit two DNS entries in your domain name registrar. The value of each entry depends on your website; they will be shown during the setup process, as in the example above. If you chose the subdirectories' integration, please note that you'll need to edit your main DNS record at some point to make it point to Weglot so we can create subdirectories.

To add/edit these DNS records, go to your Domain Name System provider (you're probably using one like GoDaddy, 1&1, Gandhi, etc.) and find the DNS settings. Once there, you should be able to add new entries.

If you are unsure how to do this or where to find your DNS settings, don't hesitate to contact us at

Step 4: Validate the DNS entries (if you have your own domain)

If you choose the JavaScript integration, you can skip this step.

After adding and saving your entries, return to your Weglot account tab. Click "Check DNS". If everything goes well, you should see a green check icon instead of the red cross. It means the DNS entries were successfully configured. Then, click on "Next".

5) Add the JavaScript code

You can now copy the JavaScript code snippet provided to you (the structure may differ a bit according to the integration you chose):

Simply paste the JavaScript snippet on all your website HTML pages just before the closing head tag.

You're done! 

You'll now be able to see the language-switch button at the bottom of your website and see your newly translated PrestaShop website (if it's not there yet, it might just take a few minutes to appear–especially if you have a cache system). 

You can now review and manually edit your translations via your Weglot Dashboard.

Log in to your Weglot Dashboard, and click on your project to find all your translations and edit them.

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