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Translate your Zendesk help center

Here, we'll break down how to translate all your content and make your Zendesk help center multilingual within minutes.

1. Create a Weglot account

This is where you’ll manage all your translations in one place. Create your account here.

2. Enter your original and translated languages

After validating your email, you’ll be brought to the Weglot setup page.

IMPORTANT: Click on the “Use JavaScript integration” at the bottom of the page.

Specify the original language of your website (the language your Zendesk help center was originally created in) and then the language(s) you want to translate it into.

3. Copy the JavaScript snippet presented to you

Simply copy the code snippet provided to you. Then, go to your Zendesk admin.

4. Go to the “Guide” section

Select the “Guide” option in your Zendesk dashboard.

5. Go to the “Custom Design” tab

Click the “Custom Design” button found in the sidebar, then click on "Customize"

6. Select “Edit code”

7. Select the “document_head.hbs” file

8. Paste the Weglot code snippet

Add your Weglot code here:

Click the “Publish” button

9. It’s done!

Reload your help center, and you’ll now be able to see the Weglot language switcher button on the bottom right of your Zendesk help center! Your Zendesk help center is officially multilingual. 

You can now review and manually edit your translations through your Weglot account. Go to your Weglot Dashboard to edit your translations, invite team members to your project, or order professional translations.

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