How to present Weglot to my clients?

In this article, you'll see how to present Weglot to your clients and what are the benefits of using Weglot

Weglot is a SaaS allowing your agency to make any website multilingual, regardless of the language your customer wants to translate its website into and the technology you’re using to develop this website.  

While presenting Weglot to your customers, let’s emphasize the technical aspect that will make your client benefit from SEO-optimized content in any language. It is not only a visual translation! You’ll provide your customer with a multilingual website that will boost their traffic and conversions in the region they want to target. 

To learn more about how you can introduce Weglot to your customers, reassure them of the robustness of our tool and better understand how you can integrate this translation service into your offering, I invite you to follow Flow Ninja's best practices and tips on the topic.

If you need materials to share with your clients, we offer 2 different formats where your clients can find key information about Weglot, the main benefits of our tool and some references. Do not hesitate to share this information with them:

Besides the quality of the translation and the multilingual SEO structure, you can also mention the fact that you and your customers can implement the workflow they want in order to translate their website. You can manage all the translations as an agency, you can invite your customers to work on their translation or you can even order professional translations through the Weglot dashboard. Thus you can offer the quality of translation that fits the needs of your customer.

You can reinforce the value of Weglot to your clients by emphasizing that, as a web agency or freelancer, you have privileged access to information on product updates and a dedicated contact to support you.

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