Is there a dedicated program for web agencies and freelancers?

In this article, you'll see what Weglot offers to Web Agencies and Freelancers and how you can be supported if you have questions or if you need assistance

Web agencies and freelancers are privileged contacts to us as they manage multiple websites so they have great expertise in website development and so to tools like Weglot. Therefore, we offer them a special accompaniment to make the relationships between Weglot, their agency team, and their customers as smooth as possible.

If you’re an agency member or a freelancer, you can always reach out to our support team at but you can also reach out to Thibaud, Agency Partnerships Manager, here by clicking on "Get in touch".  He is your dedicated point of contact to guide you with your projects, to go even further in the use of our tool and eventually find collaboration opportunities.

We have recently set up a Weglot program for Agencies & Freelancers that will give you access to resources, training and perks specific to your needs:


  • Presentation Slides: Tell your team and your customers about Weglot with a few slides
  • One Pager: Share main Weglot benefits to your team and clients
  • Checklist: Don't forget anything in the development of your multilingual projects by following this step-by-step guide
  • Newsletter: Find, on a regular basis, exclusive information on our product, our news, our events…
  • FAQ: Get the answer to all common questions asked by web agencies and freelancers
  • Developer documentation & changelog page: Go even further in your experience with Weglot
  • More is coming...



  • Agency & Freelancers Affiliate Program: Refer your customers to earn commissions
  • Free temporary Weglot plan for web agencies and freelancers to make their own websites multilingual
  • Weglot Expert Agency Badge: Show to your community that you master the use of Weglot (starting from 3 live projects managed)
  • Partner Directory: Be featured among the agencies we love to work with (starting from 6 live projects managed)
  • Event Organization Sponsorship: Weglot can assist you in organizing community or customer events. (starting from 6 live projects managed)
  • Early invites to Weglot and partners events: Don't wait in line and meet the international Weglot's community (starting from 6 live projects managed)

For the above perks you’ll have access to them based on the number of live projects that you’re managing as an agency or freelancer. Please contact Thibaud, Agency Partnerships Manager for more information.

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