What Weglot does for agencies?

In this article, you'll see what Weglot does for Agencies in general and who to contact if you have questions or if you need assistance

Agencies and freelancers are privileged contacts to us as they manage a lot of websites so they have great expertise in website development and so to tools like Weglot. This is why we set up a few elements to make the relationships between Weglot, your agency, and your customers as smooth as possible.

If you’re an agency or a freelancer, you can always reach out to our support team at support@weglot.com but you can also reach out to Thibaud, Agency Partnerships Manager, here by clicking on "Get in touch" 
He is your dedicated point of contact to chat about your multilingual projects and eventually train your team in the use of Weglot.

We’re also providing exclusive content for agencies and freelancers as: 

  • A specific newsletter with exclusive information concerning our product, our roadmap, and news
  • An FAQ answering all common questions from web development service providers
  • The Weglot Academy to train your team and share with your customers to leverage our translation tool
  •  A One Pager you can use internally, or to present our solution to your clients
  • A Developer documentation to help you to solve more advanced topics
  • Access to our changelog page and to our public roadmap on which you can make some suggestions for improvements

To reward you for your trust and the use of Weglot on your customers' websites, we’re promoting your work as agencies and we are happy to give back through: 

  • A partner page to showcase the agencies we like to work with at Weglot and that we recommend to our users 
  • Events we are organizing or being invited to where we can invite you to highlight your great creations
  • An affiliation program to earn a 20% commission for the websites you develop using Weglot

Once again, you can learn more about what we do for agencies by contacting Thibaud, our Agency Partnerships Manager, here by clicking on the "Get in touch" button)

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