Can I use Google Analytics on my translated version(s)?

In this article, you'll learn about the conditions for using Google Analytics on your translated version(s) and how to set it up to access additional statistics and data

1. Requirements

The primary requirement is to implement a Weglot integration that provides SEO and generates unique URLs for your translated pages, such as through a subdomain or subdirectory integration.

To verify your current integration type, refer to this article and ensure it aligns with one of the mentioned integration methods.

2. Setting it up:

a. Subdirectory Integration: If you're using subdirectories like, these URLs should be automatically detected in your Google Analytics reports.

b. Subdomain Integration: When managing subdomains like, adding the Google Analytics script tag directly to the subdomain's source isn't feasible. However, if you've included the Google Analytics script tag in your original source, you can track traffic and statistics for subdomain URLs by following these steps:

  • Click on "Secondary dimensions" in the URL section.
  • Enter "Hostname" and click on it.

  • This action will display complete URLs, including subdomains

With this setup, you can manage statistics and data according to your preferences.

Please note: For advanced customization with Google Analytics, we recommend consulting directly with an expert or visiting the Google Analytics FAQ page.

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