How I can suggest a new feature?

In this article, you'll learn what the most asked features are, how you can request one, and how to stay updated regarding the last Weglot releases

We are constantly improving our product and releasing new features depending on our user's feedback

1. What are the most requested features

You can find all the most requested features and their current states (planned, pending, open to beta, etc…) directly on our Roadmap.

From this page, feel free to use the different filters by clicking on the active one:

You should then see different categories, allowing you to see all the current feedback

2. How can I request a feature?

If you have a request or an idea to improve Weglot, you can add it to our Roadmap and then click on "Make a suggestion":

Please note that you can also upvote a request that has been made by someone else by clicking on the arrow on the right side:

So, if you find something interesting, don't hesitate to upvote it. It allows us to know what are the most needed features and to improve Weglot accordingly

3. How can I see the last product updates?

To learn about all our product updates, you can check our changelog and subscribe to our monthly newsletter directly through the form at the bottom of this page:

Finally, you can check out our blog and follow us on social networks to stay tuned about all the latest Weglot news:

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