How does Weglot manage the prices and the currencies?

This article explains how Weglot manages the prices and the currencies for your translations.

1. Currencies

Weglot doesn’t include a currency converter in the plugin so you won’t be able to automatically change the currency.

Indeed, Weglot focuses on translations of content. Managing currencies has many implications as you can’t just change the currency symbol, you also have to change the prices thanks to the legal rates.

Note that you can create your own link between the current language and a currency converter thanks to our developer documentation:

You will be able to get the current language and make action then.

2. Prices

Weglot doesn’t translate price by default.

For instance, if a price content in the HTML code has a class="price" or a class="money", Weglot automatically excludes them from the translation and a data-wg-notranslate="manual" attribute appears on the price content, as you can see on the example below:

However, if a price is still translated by Weglot and you don't want it to, the solution is to exclude the element from the translation (How to exclude blocks/words from translation).

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