Square Online - Integration / Setup

How to translate your Square Online website

Ready to translate your store? This quick guide explains exactly how to get a multilingual Square Online store up and running using the Weglot app available on the Square Online App Marketplace.

You’ll need a live and published Square Online store to use Weglot.

1) Find Weglot Translate on the Square App Marketplace

Search for the Weglot on the Square App Marketplace. Click on ‘Get Started’.

square app marketplace

2) Create your Weglot account

You’ll then be prompted to create a Weglot account. Enter your email address and a password to start your 10-day free trial.

Then, give access to Weglot Translate when prompted, by clicking ‘Allow’.

3) Add your languages

Once you’ve created your Weglot account, you’ll then be asked to give your project a name and then enter the original language of your store and the language(s) you’d like to translate it into.

Click “Save”.

4) Your Square Online store is translated!

Your store is now translated. Visit your store to see your automatically added language switcher.

5) Add subdomains for improved SEO

The final stage is to add your subdomains for improved SEO, e.g. https://fr.mywebsite/.

In your Weglot Dashboard, go to your ‘Settings’ > ‘Set up’ and toggle on ‘Enable Subdomains. You will need to have access to your DNS records to do this, these are accessed via your domain name provider.

You can watch our tutorial videos from popular domain name providers to help you with this step.

Follow the steps on the screen and in your domain name provider create new CNAME entries with the ‘host’ as the 2 letter language code shown on the screen, and then point it to websites.weglot.com. Save the entries.

Then go back to your Weglot Dashboard and click on the green ‘Check DNS’ button to check the process has been completed (this can sometimes take up to 10 minutes).

That’s it! Your Square Online store is now fully translated, including language-specific subdomains.

Check out our getting started video to see all of Weglot’s features.

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