Wix - Some content is not translated, how to translate dynamic content?

This article serves the same purpose as How to translate dynamic content? But it has been specifically adapted for Wix. It may also be of interest to you.

1. Identify your untranslated content, go to the Wix's Editor and find the right block

If you don't find the untranslated block on the Editor, read this article to learn how to get an element selector: How to translate dynamic content?

For example, we want to translate this newsletter form:

2. Turn on Dev Mode from the top menu bar

3. Copy the block ID; you can find it on the element or on the bottom right. A block ID starts with a #.

In our example, the id is #wixShoutoutWidget1

4. Go to your Weglot Dashboard > Settings > Wix settings

Click on the "add dynamic" button at the top right

Paste the block ID previously copied.


Wait a few seconds and go back to your website. Retry to refresh several times if necessary; your element should be translated now!

Feel free to Hard-Refresh* your website's page and check back in an incognito window if you don't notice the changes.


Mac: cmd shift R (lowercase)

PC: ctrl F5

More information on this article: How to translate dynamic content?

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