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How to switch language?

We have a special link to switch to another language on Wix: change-language.weglot.com/xx where xx is your language code. You can find all language codes here.

Create new menu, link, button or anything clickable on your website with this kind of link and you will be able to switch language easily.

Using this way, your visitors will be able to change language and always have preferred language when they come back to your website.

Example: create a dropdown in your main menu

1. Go to your Wix editor, on Site Menu tab, and click on Add a link

2. First, add a decorative menu, choose Top / Bottom of Page type, and save.

3. You can name it Language, for example

4. Then, add another link, choose Web Address type, paste change-language.weglot.com/xx address where xx is your language code. You can find all language codes here. Finally, choose Current window option and save.

Look at this example, we chose fr code, so this menu will redirect to the French translated version:

5. You can create another link for other languages. Then, drag and drop your menu onto subpage of your first "Language" menu, you should have something like this:

Note: you would also need to create the link for the original language, in our example if you have 2 languages on your website, English (the original one) and French (the translated language) you would have 2 links:

  • change-language.weglot.com/en
  • change-language.weglot.com/fr

Done! You now have a new dropdown on your website menu

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