Shopify - How to manually install Weglot

This article will help you if you installed Weglot Shopify application and you have this warning message:

1.  Go to your Weglot dashboard > Settings > Setup menu, and copy the JS Code snippet

2.   Go to your Shopify admin area, in Online Store > Themes on the left side, then click on Actions dropdown and Edit Code

3.   Select the theme.liquid file and paste this code before the </head> tag. Then Save.

{% render 'weglot_hreftags' %}
{% render 'weglot_switcher' %}

It's done!

Go to your website, and you should see the language button at the bottom right. It might take a few minutes to see it appear. Go back to the Weglot Shopify application and you shouldn't see warning message anymore.

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